Living Room Interior Design Ideas

If you want to give the living room a more elegant look use furniture in the Art Deco or Art Nouveau in combination with post-modernism. It is desirable to take color rich, like red for example. To create informal , but modern living room furniture is better to take with a smooth, sleek line, but the tissue should be more and accessories too.

Relaxing atmosphere requires a cheerful colors and whimsical, fanciful design elements in living room. Widely used living room furniture and art objects are made of plastic, or other unusual materials. Modern living room blends well with the following directions of design: Asian style, Modern style, minimalist style, style postmodernism, Scandinavian style, transitional style.

Eclectic living room involves the use of a mixture of design elements of different eras and styles. The only thing that unites the furniture and décor items, wall and ceiling is colors , patterns, textures or shapes. The color palette is generally neutral with white, gray, brown, or dark-gray base.